Parent Testimonials

Susan Bordewyk

My name is Susan Bordewyk. I had a senior in high school and I was very nervous because I had no idea how we were going to make this happen. Everybody was wondering were in the world we were going to find the money or make this happen for our children. By working with Professional Education Services, we made this dream come true. We didn't want to settle for community college for her major, they didn't cater to the field she wanted to go in. Professional Education Services were with us the whole way. They made phone calls when I didn't know who to contact, found some of the information that just wasn't readily available to parents, and went through all the forms. I can't imagine having to have told her no. She is just thrilled, loves the program, she even gets to go a year abroad next year, something we never dreamed would have been possible without their help. What I like best about working with CPP is when I dial the number they pick up the phone. Their always friendly and they help me right away. I would highly encourage anyone to attend a seminar. It doesn't take much time, nobody is putting you on the spot. It just gives you straight information that you need.

Deb Munley

Hi, my name is Deb Munley. We went to a CPP seminar and they answered a lot of questions right then and there. We then went to the office for a meeting and met with one of the people, they were awesome and there was no pressure only explaining how they were trying to help us and our daughter. It was giving us information to take home, read over and if we liked it, which we did, give them a call and make an appointment. We thought we had it figured out but CPP showed us there was other places where our money would benefit us more. My husband lost his job and we lost a huge chunk of income. Because of what CPP had done for us, it was possible for us to live without having to worry where the paycheck would come from. I am sure you would be impressed with CPP, there is no pressure, you are in control and there is no big heavy sales pitch. They are a very, very friendly and personable company to deal with.

Gail Sutton

My name is Gail Sutton. When I met with Dan and found what all CPP had to offer, I decided to take the leap, try it, and never regretted it. I'm helping both my sons in college, they are working and helping themselves, they are going to get out of college practically debt free and I am going to be debt free. I just can't even imagine anything like that. When my sons were ready to go into college, neither one of them had a clue what they wanted to go in to. The life coach is available and with CPP, you don't get one person, you don't get two people, you get a whole lot of options! I keep finding out more and more and I can't believe that only one service can truly help every aspect of my financial life.

Mary Stahl

My name is Mary Stahl. We have 4 daughters and they were all looking at going to college. We went to a seminar and it was like every question we ever had about how we were going to afford college was answered. It was such a Godsend to us, there were so many answers to questions but there was no pressure. We were not asked or expected to sign up for anything; Dan was just explaining what CPP had to offer our family. Our children have met with a life coach to find out what their interest are, our 2 seniors have been coached constantly through email and phone calls to make sure they were on track with what they needed to do. IT's just been such a blessing to our family to work with CPP! What I like best about CPP...can I say everything. I love not having to fill out the FASFA form. They take care of everything. We get our taxes done and forward the info to CPP and it's taken care of. With my daughter, Aquinus told her we would be eligible for $10,000 of financial aid and they ended up offering her almost double because of all CPP did for us. We have 4 children that are benefiting from what CPP is doing for us. IT's a burden off our shoulder and I would encourage everyone to at least seek out the information.

Steve and Judy Moerdyk

We are Steve and Judy Moerdyk. We started out with CPP because our friends came to CPP and had their daughters college paid for completely. We set up and appointment to meet with them and they gave us a free consultation. They really helped us out with trying to help decide on what we needed to do. We met with Dan, and he helped us reframe our financial scheme. We have two children in college and they have not had to pay anything from their pockets and neither have we. They have even had money left over from their grants to cover other school expenses. What I like best about CPP is their ability to talk to us and not down to us as well as their ability to answer our children's questions and be a friend for them to talk to. They met with our kids so that they could focus on which direction to go with their education. What a bonus!